Clinical Psychologist Specializing in the Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, and Post-Partum Issues

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My vivacious, yet sensitive nature helps patients feel comfortable confiding in me even when dealing with many delicate issues. I  specialize in the treatment of depression, anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorders. Even those  who have never been in therapy in the past  will be made to feel immediately comfortable in my office. Symptom reduction is an initial goal.  Understanding the cause of the symptoms and recognizing unhealthy behavior patterns is a second step. Gaining an overall healthy sense of well-being  and learning coping skills to handle future stressful situations is a final step in the therapy process. During therapy,  you will encounter much self discovery creating confidence in yourself and in your relationship with others. This will all help provide the foundation for continued emotional stability.         


Highly successful with couples, I will teach you new avenues of communication to strengthen your relationship. Recognizing  and changing unhealthy ways of interacting is one of the first steps in couples therapy. This is often followed by noticing repeated unproductive patterns of behavior, what may trigger them and ultimately how to reduce their frequency. Both husband and wife are asked to  begin by identifying two to three issues that are most difficult in their relationship. Each party is asked to commit  to working on these issues for the sake of improving their relationship. Often seeing  their partner's commitment to change is a motivating factor to continue on the path of positive communication. During the process of tackling issues from big to small, couples often learn to once again appreciate the positive characteristics of their partner and redefine their relationship, 

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The majority of the postpartum women I treat recover fully, leading productive, symptom-free lives.  I help guide moms and their significant other during the difficult transition into motherhood. Gathering as many resources as possible, we will work on providing a strong support network so we can reduce the depressive symptoms and begin implementing healthy ways of coping. As mom's hormones begin  to regulate, symptoms lessen and we can focus on parenting issues and on rebuilding the relationship with  significant others which may have been challenged during the difficult postpartum period. Using an eclectic, supportive therapy approach, women can overcome these often debilitating symptoms to become an engaging, loving mom and partner. 


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